Each year, hundreds of thousands of adolescents around the world are exposed to, or participate in, political conflict. Until now, much of the programming on behalf of conflict youth has been based on incomplete science and untested assumptions.

The Center for the Study of Youth and Political Conflict was founded on the belief that much can be done to better understand the way young people experience political conflict and to strengthen efforts to assist them in leading constructive lives. The center engages in research, interventions, program evaluations, and dissemination of information about youth and political conflict. The goal of all our work is to provide research-based information for practitioners and policy-makers who seek to address the needs of this unique population.


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In Memorium

The center notes with great sadness the passing of Ed Cairns on February 17, 2012 from an automobile accident. Ed was largely responsible for inspiring the careful study of children and youth who live with political conflict. For decades, he was a leader in this effort as well as in peace studies. He was a key advisor to the center, counseling us during its formation and throughout our initiatives. We miss him deeply.




Studying Youth and Political Conflict: Learning Lessons in Resilience