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Editor-reviewed Articles


Barber, B. K. (2015, November 13). Jerusalem Tensions: It’s how the Israelis are Ruling Palestinians There (informedCOMMENT;

Barber, B. K. (2015, February 23). After the war: A week in Gaza, my “second home” (

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Barber, B. K., (2014, October 16). Gaza’s Unseen Casualties.

Barber, B. K. (2014, October 10). Hamas, Shmamas: It’s about Israeli National Ambitions (informedCOMMENT;

Barber, B. K., (2014, August 3). Brian Barber: Valuing Humanity of Palestinians is Essential for Peace (Knoxville News Sentinel).

Barber, B. K., (2014, July 29). The Simple Issue Missing from the Debate over Gaza: The Legitimacy of Palestinian Resistance (

Barber, B. K. (2014, July 29). Raise the Right to Resistance (

Barber, B. K. (2014, July 24). Palestine: Is it Resistance or Not (

Barber, B. K. (2013, August 16). What the Young People of Egypt Learned (

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